Environmental Noise and Hearing

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    The word noise comes from Latin word nausea meaning "seasickness' referring to nuisance noise. The most overarching sources of noise worldwide are generated by transportation systems ,principally motor vehicle noise. The mechanism for chronic exposure to noise leading to hearing loss is well established. The elevated sound levels cause trauma to the cochlear structure in the inner ear, which gives rise to irreversible hearing loss. Undesirable sound is referred as noise, Noise pollution effects on human health are a matter of great concern. Exposure to noise can damage one of the most vital organs of the body, the ear. Noise levels above 80dB produces damaging effects . When the ear is exposed to extreme loud noise that is above 100dB,for a considerable period of time ,it can cause irreparable damage and can lead to permanent hearing loss. This book is written for the persons ,specially young and exposed to alarming levels of noise and unaware about it. Health of the citizen must be the primary aim of all the research work and noise is the most ignored pollution and there is no cure of noise induced deafness, the only cure is prevention.. Environmental Noise and Hearing. Параметры:501 1 1 1 84 2014 Mala Agarwal 9783659539077 Английский LAP Lambert Academic Publishing см. подробнее.

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